Bringing The World To You : Professional Writing Services

You are a new writer, an advanced writer and you have a manuscript, an idea for a book but with no clear direction; you have published, but you cannot sell copies of your book. You have tried the traditional publishing world agents, big publishing houses, or marketing firms to promote your career, but you have not succeeded. You are giving up. You like to travel, but you’re not sure what to expect when you get there. Through media reports, movies (like Tarzan), documentaries, National Geographic, novels or some textbooks you have learned about that continent. Its political landscape, its people, and its customs make you wonder: Is this true? Will I survive the lions and mosquitoes? Will beggars mug me? Won't I find needy children, men and women everywhere scrambling for my attention? Has anything changed in Africa before slavery? Are there any areas more modern, more attractive than South Africa? I am curious, and I want to go there and see for myself, but I do not know what to do, whom to contact. You are a civic organization, a church, student, career individual, retired, businessperson, professional or school group planning a short trip to Africa, Asia, South America and other continents for business or to visit. You are a corporation, a company with reports that need to be developed or edited and you need immediate help. You have come to the right place.

We Offer The Following Services:

  • Motivational Speaking to challenged youth, high school; middle school; civic or business groups Individualized coaching services, workshops, freelance and corporate communication strategies, Copywriting and editing, public relations assignments,
  • Contracted business communication projects.
  • Editing and writing documents for International governmental and non-governmental organizations Developing quarterly and annual reports;
  • Advice on the development of news stories and issue articles.
  • We have 35 years experience in nonfiction/technical writing, editing and producing press releases, national magazine articles and annual reports for organizations to nonfiction books.
  • If you need help with managing pain and related issues, Full Body Function can help. Go to