We endorse the poetry of Dr. Emmanuel Kane in this volume. 


In Growing Flames, he captures the disappointments, fury, and melancholy of a young soldier in a very realistic manner.  His poems are multi-layered. Most of his poems contain a satirical twist that provides a deeper insight into war, beyond the literal meaning, and that makes readers pause and say, “Ah.”  These poems will speak to readers today because of the continuing wars and conflicts throughout our world, providing some hint of realistic hope as well as because of Kane’s truthful voice.

-Dr. Sylvia A. Holladay, English Professor, Retired St. Petersburg College, Hillsborough     Community College, and University of South Florida



"Emmanuel Kane's Growing Flames, Fury and Lavenders, is a brilliantly conceived poetic feast. The poet demonstrates a remarkable breadth of knowledge and a stirring imagination full of tropes and metaphors that truly make this a great book. Kane masters the history, literature, and moral ethics that makes his poetry live in the present. Using the military and martial examples he brings truth in words to life."

-MolefiKete Asante, author of Facing South to Africa

 Leading figure in African-American Studies, African Studies & Communication Studies





Kane’s “Growing Flames, Fury and Lavenders,” is a collection of 95 poems divided into four sections.  Each section addresses different perspective on war, political corruption, killer disease outbreaks, and depraved indifference.  Each poem uniquely touches on personal effects to the human soul.  His powerful words challenge us to be aware, to take a stand – to listen and hear, to look and to see.  This book reaches your very corps with carefully crafted prose. 


-LianeLarocque, PhD/editor/author