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09 July,2018

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Welcome to Kane’s chronicles, space where you’ll find my reactions to real happenings and simulations. I must confess that I don’t blog a lot. I prefer taking part in small group conversations and advising people on various social and cultural topics.

You want to know what I’m thinking, what my political views are, what I think about hot topics such as race, gender, immigration, relationships, power. Right? Well, I have strong views about those topics. I like the dialogue. We gain more knowledge by sharing, and conversation is a good way to share. This is why I want to make this platform an interactive one. I want you to post your views. I can suggest a topic; you email your views to Be advised, however, that profanity is not allowed. Your comments will be edited. Do not use your real names. We won’t be responsible for the content, but you will own your ideas.

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