About The Author

Emmanuel Kane is the author of Spring into Light currently available at Amazon. His latest book explores the world of interracial romance between a world traveler and a sheltered, traditional young lady. Kane is a language and communications professor with over 35 years’ experience in writing, publishing, and public speaking. He has authored many essays and books.  His writings have been published by Sage, Greenwood Press, and some publishing outlets in Europe, Asia, and Africa. He has received awards in journalism, creative writing and teaching including the Distinguished International Scholar Award from the Chinese Academy for Social Sciences, Kom-USA Achievement award, and Who's Who Among America's Teachers. Emmanuel encourages us to smile more. He believes that sharing a smile can dilute insecurity in those we meet. Emmanuel weaves multi-cultural stories and political commentary with the notion that a vital piece of our essence is lost when we don't leave our community for a while or so. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.